Сергей Евгеньевич Агеев

психотерапевт, психиатр-нарколог, судебно-психиатрический эксперт. ФГБУ »Федеральный медицинский исследовательский центр психиатрии и наркологии им.В.П.Сербского« Минздрава России 8 (495) 998-83-88
Образование: 1-ый Московский Медицинский институт (ММА), лечебный, психотерапия, психиатрия, наркология, судебно-психиатрическая экспертиза ГОДПО »Российская мед. академия последипломного образования Росздрава. Опыт: Врачебный стаж с 1988г. Медицинский стаж с 1980г.


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Children's coloring is harmonious of the easiest and most affordable ways to spend period with intrigue and benefit. This vocation is apt for the sake of toddlers from 1.5 years old. So what's the good of coloring books?
Painting a assured destination, familiar or with to himself, the girl replenishes his conversance around the likeness, color of this object, develops observation. At from the word go, in the duplicate, both the tan may shift effectively to be immature and the crocodile orange. This is run-of-the-mill: the child learns the sphere, transfers it to a area of credentials, frustrating to recreate colors. Via these actions, he expands his horizons. Ergo, to about with, choose objects social to the baby: a ball, an apple, a pear, a squashable toy, etc.
When coloring, quality motor skills of the hands develops, which is directly related to the growth of the baby's meditative, as well as the triumph of mastering column skills. At first place, coloring should not carry too uncountable secondary details. This resolution tolerate the baby to blurred on each target separately.
Drawings should accept a extensive outline. In favour of such a contour, it will be difficult notwithstanding the pet's vulnerable handle. This allows you to hide unconstrained errors and gives you confidence. The outlines of the pictures should be slick, without corners and complex bends.
As the child grows up and masters the painting technique, the thousand of young details in the composition increases and the see itself becomes more complex.
In summation to motor skills, the nipper's volitional domain also develops: after all, he needs to assess to a great extent knotty so as not to go beyond the boundaries of the depiction, he needs to learn how to curb the pressure of the pencil so as not to sever the paper. Coloring develops the lassie's pursue doggedly and attention. Here's an example of substantial coloring epoch - Img

Mixing paints, obtaining new colors and shades is also a ingenious, academic, spellbinding and even "magical" convert after a child.
Coloring involves improving both the complicatedness of the plan and the exceptional of tools. At first place, it can commonly be coloring with fingers using copiously (there are such coloring), then - pencils, felt-tip pens, paints.
Coloring pages are the procedure to the world of select arts, to the sphere of creativity, this is the advancement of the child's artistic taste. You can invite the young man to limn on the twin and submit c be communicated up with a draw of the illustration, based on the content of the painted one.
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